FWIG Luncheon Scholarships to be Announced *BEFORE* Sept 5 Registration Deadline

Did you apply for a FWIG Luncheon Scholarship? Good news! Through the generosity of senior FWIG members, we will have quite a few more than originally advertised. Many thanks to those who contributed!

All winners will receive personal notification via email *before* the ACSP early-bird registration deadline of September 5th.

If you win, do NOT register and pay for the FWIG Luncheon. Your name will be provided to ACSP and you will receive a complimentary ticket.

If you win and you *already* registered and paid, no worries! You will be reimbursed.

If you do *not* get a scholarship, we still think the (reduced for students) $20 fee is well worth the opportunity to network and get caught up on FWIG activities. We hope you will still consider joining us!