FWIG seeks new member to join leadership team. It could be you!

FWIG will be hosting an election in the coming weeks for two purposes.
  • The first purpose is to affirm Meghan Wieters (current FWIG Secretary/Treasure) as new FWIG President through the 2015 Conference, as Corianne Scally has left her tenured faculty position and is stepping down as FWIG President at the 2014 Conference. While leadership typically passes to the Vice President, Hilary Nixon has instead supported Meghan in taking the helm.
  • The second purpose is to elect a new Secretary/Treasurer to fill Meghan’s vacated position through the 2015 Conference (a full election for all positions will be held next fall).
We are accepting nominations for Secretary/Treasurer from now until September 19th. You can find the details of this role discussed in our bylaws here.
Contact us with any questions, and forward your nominations to fwigacsp@gmail.com.
Make sure that whomever you are nominating has agreed to serve if elected. Self-nominations encouraged!