FWIG Luncheon Scholarships for Graduate Students

Faculty Women’s Interest Group regularly holds a luncheon at the ACSP conference. This luncheon is an opportunity to network with fellow academics and discuss issues related to Women in Planning / Women in Academia.

We would like to offer luncheon scholarships to approximately 10-11 graduate students who meet the following criteria:

1. You have a paper or poster accepted to the ACSP Philadelphia Conference Fall 2014 (please provide copy of email acceptance).
2. You are currently a graduate student in planning.
3. You complete the form below prior to Sept. 1st.

Acceptance will be first come, first served based on meeting the above criteria. When accepted you will be notified by FWIG Executive Team and your name will be forwarded to Donna Dodd so you will receive a luncheon ticket gratis.

For those students that wish to attend but do not receive the scholarship or do not have a paper/poster accepted –and we hope you do come– we will have discounted luncheon tickets for students (approximately 1/2 price) that can be purchased when you register for the conference.


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