FWIG Workshop Announced for ACSP 2014 Conference

We are excited to announce that Julie Cohen, PCC, will be leading our FWIG Workshop at ACSP on Saturday, November 1st from 11-12:15pm (right before the ACSP Awards Luncheon). The workshop is called 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance. This workshop is *FREE* to conference attendees thanks to the sponsorship of ACSP!

In over 10 years as a career and leadership coach, Julie has worked with hundreds of clients who want greater satisfaction from their career and work, include leading workshops for many academic audiences and working with individuals considering or working in tenure-track jobs.

Julie’s book, Your Work, Your Life … Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance, explains the 7 Keys needed for a satisfying work-life balance and provides exercises and tools to design work and life on your terms.

This interactive workshop will allow you to examine and enhance your work-life balance satisfaction. We will be addressing:
• A new way of defining work-life balance
• An overview of the 7 Keys
• Deeper exploration of Key 2 – Create Boundaries

Check out Julie’s regular column on work-life balance for the The Philadelphia Business Journal. Maybe you will find something you want to respond to in a blog post here on our website? Let us know!

Will you be attending? Let us know by responding to our poll (top of the right-hand side menu)!

Posted by Corianne Scally.

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