2014 FWIG Resume Book Released!

The Faculty Women’s Interest Group (FWIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP) is proud to present you with the 2014 edition of a collection of abbreviated resumes of women seeking tenure-earning teaching positions in Urban and Regional Planning.

Most of the women appearing in this booklet are new PhD’s or just entering the profession, although some are employed but looking for new positions. Most are seeking tenure-track jobs, although some may consider a one-year, visiting, or non-tenure earning position.

These candidates were required to condense their considerable skills, talents, and experience into just two pages. We also forced the candidates to identify their two major areas of interest, expertise, and/or experience, using our categories. The candidates may well have preferred different categories. Please carefully read the brief resumes to see if the candidates meet your needs. We urge you to contact the candidates directly for additional information on what they have to offer your program.

On behalf of FWIG we thank you for considering these newest members of our profession.

Posted by Corianne Scally.

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