FWIG Annual Membership Survey

Dear FWIG member/Prospective FWIG member,

It’s that time again! Annually we request members to renew their interest in continuing to be members and encourage new members to join Faculty Women’s Interest Group (FWIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP).

We have heard your feedback that members would rather have the opportunity to opt out than be required to renew each year. We will be revising the bylaws and we will propose that change. This year, we still need to hear from you!

Membership in ACSP-FWIG is free and open to individuals who have an interest in issues related to ACSP-FWIG’s mission.

• ACSP-FWIG seeks to encourage and support women faculty and graduate students in urban and regional planning as well as men and women conducting research and outreach on planning issues critical to women.

• ACSP-FWIG gives you the opportunity to: a) network with others in North America and around the world who share your interests, b) help organize ACSP-FWIG activities for the annual ACSP conference and beyond, and c) propose projects for ACSP-FWIG sponsorship.

Please share this request for ACSP-FWIG membership information with others in your institution or network. All current and retired ACSP members and affiliates, and non-member ACSP Annual Conference participants are welcome to join ACSP-FWIG. Students are encouraged to join as well.

To set up or renew membership in FWIG, please complete this quick survey (about 2 to 3 minutes).

Please copy this link into your browser:

Thank you and please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Renia Ehrenfeucht
FWIG Secretary

Posted by Renia Ehrenfeucht.

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